Home of the Desert Stars 



Welcome to our Website!

We are a small rabbitry in the Southern California High Desert.

 We raise rabbits for our table, shows, 4-H, FFA, and pets.

Our breeds are American Blue and White, Californian and Palominos in the golden Variety. We recently added Havanas to the mix. They are a smaller breed, but so very cute and are perfect for the younger crowd, since their temperament is sweet and they are easily handled.

We sell to folks who want to become more self sufficient and raise their own food. To 4-H and FFA members to teach them about rabbits and how to raise them correctly and successfully.

Please check out the different breed's pages to see what is available.


Our rabbitry is registered with The American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc,

Rabbitry Number D2696

Proud member of  Breeders of the American Rabbit N.S.C. since 2014