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Bunny Care Sheet

Rabbit Care Sheet

Kleinhof Rabbitry does not assume any responsibility for the health of the rabbit(s) once they leave Kleinhof’s possession. 

At the time of sale it/they appear to be free of any disease, injury and/or parasites.

While under the care of Kleinhof Rabbitry the rabbit(s) were fed Purina Show pellets, Timothy hay, alfalfa & oat hay cubes and occasionally apples, parsley, celery, watermelon rind.

The rabbit should be fed a pellet with 18% protein, 3% fat and 20% fiber. Until they reach the weight of approximately 5 pounds they should be free fed. At that time switch to controlled feeding of appox. 1oz per pound of bodyweight.

Timothy hay should be offered daily. Alfalfa hay is not recommended as it is high in protein and may upset the balance of the pellets. Alfalfa hay and cubes may be given in small quantities.

Fresh, clean water must be available at all times. I like to add 1mL/32oz of raw apple cider vinegar to their water.(see image below).

The rabbits like it, it reduces the urine odor and it keeps their immune system strong.

Meat rabbits will grow large 8-12 lbs. If you choose to breed you rabbit, you should wait until they reach their senior weight. About 8 pounds.

Always bring the doe to the buck, observe successful breedings (at least 3) You will know the breeding was successful when the buck falls off the doe. It will seem like he was struck by lightning. Place the doe back in her cage. Gestation is 31 days on average. Some does may go as long as 35 days. On day 28, place a nest box in the doe’s cage. Line it with shavings (no cedar shavings, they are toxic to rabbits) and offer extra hay to the doe. She will build a nest and pull hair from her stomach/chest area to line the nest box with.

Rabbits do very well outdoors, provided they have plenty of shade, no direct sun and air movement. The rabbits tolerate the cold well, but not the heat. Temperatures over 80 degrees can prove fatal to the rabbit.

Bucks may go sterile in temperatures over 85 degrees. Once temperatures drop, it can take 30-90 days for the sperm count to come back to normal.

There is a lot to learn about rabbit care, please feel free to call if you have any questions or concerns.