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Sales Policy

Purchase Agreement/Sales Policy

Kleinhof Rabbitry has the right to refuse sale to any individual without explanation.

 If I feel the rabbits are not going to the right situation I will not sell. 

I care about each and every rabbit I sell. I expect that those who purchase from my rabbitry will be responsible owners (18 years or older) and take good care of their rabbit(s). 

Proper care includes proper housing, hay and pellet food, fresh water and bedding. They must have a clean living environment as well.

If at any time you can no longer keep your rabbit, I request that you give me the first right to take the rabbit back into the rabbitry. In order to prevent any of our rabbits from ending up abandoned or in shelters, we will accept back any rabbit you have purchased from us at anytime, but,  you will not be entitled to a refund or reimbursement for any expenses you have incurred with the rabbit. It is expected that any returned rabbit will have received good care. 
I will insure it is well cared for until a suitable home can be found.

Sex of the rabbit you purchase is not 100% guaranteed. Although I do my best to check, it can be difficult to identify does vs. bucks.

 It is your responsibility to check the rabbit at the time of purchase. If a mistake has occurred in gender identification, I will exchange the rabbit with the correct gender as soon as one of equal or better quality is available. Assuming the first rabbit is in good health.

 I handle kits from the day they are born so they are well adjusted and used to human contact. At the time of sale, all rabbits are healthy to the best of my knowledge. I do not guarantee the health of the rabbit after the date of pickup. If the rabbit dies within 3 days of purchase, you will need a letter from your veterinarian stating the cause of death. If the cause of death was not due to negligence on your part, I will replace the rabbit with one of equal value or refund your payment in full. All vet expenses involved will be your responsibility.

The only way to hold a rabbit is to put a 50% deposit on said rabbit. This can be done in person with cash or you can PayPal your deposit to me. When using Paypal you must include the fee that is charged by PayPal for using the service. (fee is 3% of amount sent.) Contact me for my PayPal address. Your deposit will hold your rabbit for 7 days. If you cannot come within 7 days, you will have to pay a boarding fee to keep the rabbit until pickup. Contact me for the amount for boarding.

If I do not hear from you after 7 days, the rabbit will be placed for sale and the deposit is NOT refundable. 

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The health of your rabbit is guaranteed on the day of sale as follows: There are no visible signs of disease, diarrhea, eye or nasal discharge, malocclusion, sore hocks, infections, wounds, abscesses, broken bones or other deformities. Please feel free to examine the rabbit. If the rabbit exhibits signs of disease within 72 hours of sale, please call immediately so we can mutually decide on the cause of the problem.
If the rabbit becomes sick during this time and it is not due to stress from being over handled, over fed, mistreated, kept in extreme temperatures or has suffered an injury caused by other pets, young children, been fed something not recommended in a rabbits diet, etc...,then I will do my best to get you a replacement rabbit as soon as one is available. You must return the rabbit to me within the 72 hour period. You cannot keep it and get a replacement. 
Kleinhof Rabbitry only guarantees the rabbit and therefore will only replace the rabbit. Any other fees and moneys spent are the buyers expense. Please notify me as soon as the rabbit becomes ill or shows signs of being sick, not after the rabbit has died. If I am notified after the rabbit has died, I will not replace the rabbit.

I cannot control Mother Nature and genetics. Therefore I do not guarantee genetic issues like size, weight, coat, looks, bite, personality, and showability. I am selling this rabbit as a pet/meat producer/breeder. If you decide to show it, a pedigree may be available at your request.

You agree that I have given you a copy of the "Bunny Care Sheet". This provides full instructions for the care of your bunny. It is your responsibility to further educate yourself about harmful foods, plants, chemicals, etc. for the safety of your rabbit. No other guarantee exists except as written here. Buyer agrees to this agreement.

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